Flashes of bright lights danced in front of my eyes as I slowly walked through the tent. The merging of pop music with the circus music blared through the stuffy air. I could feel the rush of excitement flow through me as my eyes set on rides and the sounds of echoed laughter drifted to my ears. My stomach leapt in joy at the smell of candyfloss.

My head shot left and right, attempting to take in the masses of attractions that were far too huge for my eyes to take in. Multiple blinding colours spun my mind into dizziness as the neon lights of the roller coasters beamed into my sight. And then the smell hit me, twisting my stomach into nausea. A horrible blend of sweat and vomit. I could taste the bile rising up my throat. I forced myself to swallow it down as i edged round the child throwing up onto the freshly cut grass. I could ignore the stench of foul smells for the enormous roller coasters stood over me, teasing me. Challenging me. Dust fluttered into my eyes and made my vision swim; blurring the sight of intermingling bodies.


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