Revision tips


I am currently in the middle of my exams and it was probably a bad idea to start a blog now (too late to go back now!) and so I thought to share some of my own tips for revising. I’m no pro myself but if someone as lazy as me could sit down and actually revise (not the sly ‘i’m surrounded by books to revise but really I have my phone hidden amongst them that I check every 5 minutes’) then anybody can!

  • Don’t do last minute revision!!! This is one that many of us can relate to because we all have done it once before and it really does just stress you out unnecessarily when you know you could have avoided the stress if you started your revision months before the exams. Plus, when you have multiple exams in one week, last minute revision really is difficult
  • Start your day with the intention of revising. Not just a general intention but a mental plan of what subject you will be revising and how
  • A lot of people make revision timetables which is great if your not as lazy as I am! But if you think it will help you then make a revision timetable that is organised and make it colourful so that you don’t get bored by the thought of revision just by looking at a boring revision timetable
  • Have a check list to keep track of your progress
  • Have a good meal or snack before you begin. Something fresh, even fruits! I have noticed that junk food just make me feel really crap and makes me want to sit on my bum all day and watch back to back episodes of Friends
  • Clear out space for you to revise in. If everything around you is messy before you even begin taking out your notes and books, then it’ll just put you off
  • Make sure your study zone is quiet and that you won’t be continuously pestered whilst your trying to study. I find it hard to revise in my own home because my family can disrupt my studying by walking into the room to talk on the phone or the tv is blaring in the next room etc so make sure you let them know your studying and don’t want to be disturbed
  • Keep all potential distractions out of your reach. Whether that’s your phone, computer or TV or whatever it is that you know will tempt you to give up on revision
  • Take breaks whilst studying but make them short. I realized that my breaks were really just my successful attempt at stalling revision. I would go downstairs for a bite only to catch a programme on tv and lose track of time that could have been used to revise
  • Drink water or a refreshing drink whilst studying
  • Get fresh air. Having your head buried in your books for a long time can’t be good for you. Have a breath of fresh air. Go for a walk or something.
  • Try different methods of revision. Using the same method may bore you. Re-writing notes can be time consuming and may not even be effective. Be more creative and make mind maps, posters to stick on the wall or flash cards! Write down something you need to know on a post-it note and stick it up somewhere in the house where you’ll be seeing it a lot, make up rhymes or mnemonics, ask people to test you as your learning (this is a really good way of finding out if your revision is working), highlight key points, or – if your an auditory learner – record yourself and play back
  • Find out what type of learner you are. Are you a visual learner? Then make your revision notes look interesting! Find out what way of revising works for you so that way you know your revision is actually working and you don’t waste time – my mum once saw me making notes and asked me whether i am learning anything and I realized that my notes weren’t really helping me learn
  • Break topics down into bitesize chunks so that its clear to revise from and your brain isn’t trying to process too many things at once
  • Make sure you’ve learnt one part properly before moving onto the next
  • Focus on your weaknesses. There is no point in going over what you already know. Instead, identify what you need to spend more time on
  • Try practice questions from past papers. I have realized that at times, I may think that I have really understood something only to find that a question in a past exam paper would stump me
  • Obsess over your revision. To really get it stuck into your head, you need to re-read your notes repeatedly til you know you know it!

Well I can’t think of anymore at the moment but I hope that these can be helpful. These are what personally work for me but if you have any tips you’d like to share then please do – it’d be really helpful 🙂

Remember that if you’ve revised then you shouldn’t stress too much over exams because you’ve done as much as you could. Revision isn’t easy but it is worth it. Now repeat that mantra everyday.


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