‘The Qur’an – A living miracle’: Fisabilillah publications

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Little bite-sized chunks of knowledge on The Holy Qur’an

  • it is a living communication to humankind by our Creator, intended as a guidance for life, akin to an instruction manual or a travel guide. It helps us find our way but it doesn’t do the travelling for us.
  • There were many revelations prior to the Qur’an, and fragments of those scriptures are still available today (Psalms of David, the Torah given to Moses/Musa or the original Gospel of Jesus). However, none of these were recorded in writing at the time of their revelation and so in the process of oral narration, codification and translation, they underwent alteration. However, the Qur’an was preserved in writing each time as and when it was revealed.
  • The Qur’an is in Arabic, a Semitic language with an immaculately preserved syntactical structure and has remained virtually unchanged. The classical Arabic of the Qur’an is still easy to comprehend for a speaker of modern Arabic. Nonetheless, deeper study reveals several layers of meaning in each Ayah (verse) so that the same sentence, whilst fitting within it’s context, also imparts knowledge about other issues, personal, social, meta physic and so on.
  • The verses were assigned a particular order by Muhammad (peace be upon him), following the instructions of Angel Gabriel and this order is not chronological, yet anybody who reads the Qur’an today, with its verses in a totally different order than the one in which they were originally revealed, still finds that the sequence makes perfect sense.
  • The Qur’an contains knowledge of the past and the future which wasn’t available at the time of it’s revelation. E.g: it mentions the body of the pharaoh of the Exodus would be preserved as a sign for future generations, yet it was mummified one and half millennia before Muhammad (pbuh) on a different continent and not discovered until one and a half millennia afterwards.
  • The Qur’an contains accurate scientific descriptions of the embryonic stages of human development in the womb, of the orbital movements of the planets, all of which was undiscovered for many more centuries to come.
  • the social and political concepts of the Qur’an were equally advanced: it liberated women from being in the possession of men to being full members of society with property rights and the right to choose their own husbands. Surah at-Tawbah contains the first ever constitution of a state, the city state of Madinah.

Extracted from ‘Islam The Journey, A Brief Guide by Fisabilillah Publications’


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