I will inhale the emerald rose of silence,
Fold my fears away this month.
I will wash my intentions in your river of energy,
String the heaviness out of my heart
And burn the doubts.
Someday, I will find the harbour in my heart to reach you,
Scrub it clean and embrace the light
as it streams from your hands.
I will blow away the shredded leaves
And plant the seeds of patience
that will hold my center in a storm.
I will seal the book of fantasies,
Let them rot away in void.
Everything curves to a point,
Preparing the pavement to enliven folds of green.
My knowledge is useless without the origin,
So I will close my eyes, feel the breeze
as I sail the seas to your lighthouse.
As love is a give and take,
Recycle it.
Our creativity is merely manifested from The Creator,
So accept the painted music of colour
across our souls.


– credit does not belong to me for this poem; the credit belongs to whoever wrote this beautiful piece of writing that I found I could relate to, today


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